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CALL ME FOR A FREE CONSULTATION ON 07846692325 – Whether you are an employee or an employer Charles has over 20 years of experience in giving advice and representation .

Advocacy –Charles has represented clients in hundreds of tribunals and courts.

As well as advocacy work, Charles has considerable experience of advisory and drafting work, preparing pleadings for the County Court, Employment Tribunals and The Employment Appeals Tribunal. Charles has acted as a disciplinary officer in various tribunals and regularly appears in the Employment Appeals Tribunal. In particular, Charles has represented members of the medical profession and others, who need representation in disciplinary proceedings and tribunals.

Having under taken the litigation exam, Charles can draft pleadings and draft emails as a Solicitor normally would.

Charles can be instructed by members of the public, employers and Solicitors.

Settlement Agreements – Charles can draft and sign these agreements speedily if required. Your employer should pay the legal cost.

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How To Get Advice

Call me today on 0784 669 2325 or email Charles at Charles should normally answer immediately or within the hour. A free ten minute consultation will outline the following steps to be taken: A face to face or telephone conference can be arranged immediately. A price for this will be arranged and set depending on the complexity of the case (remember that direct Access Barristers are often described as less expensive than Solicitors as they do not have the same billing targets or overheads). Within that conference the merits of your case can be discussed along with projected costs, employment tribunal procedure and next steps.

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Charles, an employment law Barrister since 1999 started work undertaking employment law at Bristol and Sheffield Councils and now enjoys tenancy at No5 Chambers, one of the largest sets of barristers in the country.
What our clients say
I was so lucky to find Charles Price when I needed urgent professional help for a very complex appeal. In addition to being incredibly professional, Charles had a friendly and down to earth approach when dealing with very complicated and technical issues. He was very dedicated and always available when I needed him throughout the whole process. I cannot thank Charles enough for his dedicated help and support.
Stephanie Millward MBE

I first came into contact with Charles at no.5 chambers back in October 2016 seeking legal advice on a particularly complex and bitter employment dispute.</p> <p>From that time I have found him to be nothing other than an absolute gentleman. He has a wealth of employment law knowledge with the necessary wherewithal to completely engage with any challenge that may come his way. Charles has an empathetic passion for people and a genuine compassion for their employment related problems. This, coupled with his loathing of injustice within employment have created the perfect balance of legal know how and dogged determination to see that justice is served.</p> <p>I cannot recommend Charles highly enough and am honoured to now have the honour to refer to him as a friend.

Charles took my case upon first phone contact. Even though I did not meet Charles face to face, I could feel that he will be the right representation for me in my ``accreditation dispute``. Charles helped me in every step of the appeal process in a manner so professionally that words cannot describe. He was morally and mentally supportive in times that I was in distress and was feeling very very low. I called him several times in such a distressful period of my life and he answered my call even when he was having family times. Eventually, we won the appeal and my membership was re-instated. Many thanks Charles! Will recommend you to anyone. 5* rating. Best regards! Sam

During handling of my case Charles was sincere, empathetic, honest, dedicated, prompt, open and transparent , understanding, realistic and practical, approachable and easily accessible. His knowledge, expertise and competence meant that I was successful in my case. I would highly recommend Charles as a barrister.

Qualified Employment Law Barrister, Regulated by the Bar Standards Board.




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