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Thursday 25th July 2024

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Article 21
New employment case on redundancy selection

Article 20
The Equality Act 2010 and compromise agreements

Article 19
New Case Shows Importance of 'Reasonable Belief' in Whistleblowing Cases

Article 18
The Equality Act and New Law to Protect the Disabled

Article 17
Shifting the Burden of Proof in Discrimination Claims

Article 16
The Must Know Cases When it Comes to Apprentices!

Article 15
Environmental Crusader 'Possibly' Protected Under Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations 2003

Article 14
The EAT Gets Tough on Lying Litigants - A Look at Costs Law

Article 13
What is the cheapest way for a firm to obtain legal advice?

Article 12
'SCA Packaging' - New Case on Definition of 'Likely' in DDA

Article 11
Employers Beware of the Consequences of Failing in Health and Safety

Article 10
The Employment Tribunal and April’s New procedures

Article 9
Why Compensation Rules Mean that Winning an Unfair Dismissal Claim May be Valueless

Article 8
The New ACAS Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures: A Simple Success!

Article 7
Preventing Ex-Employees from Working for the Opposition

Article 6
My Employee is a Criminal What Should I Do?

Article 5
E-mail Snooping - When Can an Employer Monitor an Employee?

Article 4
Discrimination Law Skirts Around Transvestite Issue

Article 3
Are Agency Reforms Needed?

Article 2
Bosses Risk Losing Face Over Facebook Snooping

Article 1
Can an Employer Force an Employee to Retire at 65?


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