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Thursday 25th July 2024

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Charles Prices is a practising barrister specialising in Employment Law and Dispute Resolution and has developed the following documentation drawing on a wealth of practical and professional experience in the Employment Tribunals, EAT, and Civil Courts over the past 15 years.

Letter of offer of employment (to be used in conjunction with a statement of particulars of employment) Particulars of employmentThis agreement complies with section 1 Employment Rights Act 1996 and is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom for employers. Service agreement for managing or executive director Service agreement for a senior executive or manager Contract of employment (long form) for non-junior employees Contract of employment (general short form) for junior employees Apprenticeship agreement Zero hours contract Homeworking clauses Secondment agreement Restrictive covenants Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement Grievance procedure Disciplinary procedure Equal opportunities policy Harassment policy Health and safety policy Risk assessment schedule Sickness and attendance policy and procedure Stress policy and procedure Maternity policy Parental leave policy Redundancy policy Alcohol, drugs and other substances policy and procedure Email, fax, phone and Internet policy Whistleblowing policy Sunday working policy Dress code policy Expenses policy Anti-corruption and bribery policy Capability procedure Adoption policy Time off for dependants policy Compassionate leave policy Flexible working policy Homeworking policy Career break policy Time off for training policy Time off for public duties policy Adverse weather and travel disruption policy No smoking policy Substance misuse policy Data protection policy IT & communication systems policy Social media policy Retirement policy (fixed retirement age) Retirement policy (no fixed retirement age) Letter requesting employee to attend a disciplinary hearing Letter containing written or final written warning Letter confirming dismissal on notice (following previous warnings) Letter confirming summary dismissal (without previous warnings) Letter giving date of appeal hearing Letter giving outcome of appeal hearing Letter to initiate settlement discussions (where there has been no previous disciplinary/performance management actions) Letter to initiate settlement discussions (where there has been previous or there is ongoing performance management or disciplinary action) Settlement agreement

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